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Longwood Gardens: Day 5 July 29, 2011

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I was very busy today. Kristina instructed me on how to make accessions within BG Base, which has two parts. The first part is making the accessions within BG Base.

In order to do that, one has to go to the Accessions tab. Hitting F7 will pull up the next available accession number. Then there are several tables you have to fill out:

  • The date on which you’re accessioning
  • The date you received the plant if it is a different date than the date of accession (which is 90% likely that this is the case)
  • Received how (basically, how the plant came to you: plant, plug, cutting, seed, germ plasm…)
  • Received size, received amount
  • Source (where/from whom you got the plant)
After that, you then have to update the Plants table.
  • You pull up the plant by the accession number and qualifier
  • You go down to field checks and observation, hit Ctrl + N –and fill in the data.
  • Then go to where it says Check Note, and put “per inventory check”.
  • And, save it!
I also got to make labels today on a piece of equipment worth about $30,000… That was a bit intimidating, but it was also a great experience and fun.
Kristina and I met with April Bevans (who is the gardener in charge of the Theatre Garden in Quad M10) to figure out which plants were still in the area, which had been taken out, etc. Sitting down with April was really helpful, since I was unfamiliar with some of the plants.
I accomplished a lot today; time flies when you’re busy!

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